Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh Where Oh Where Could They Be?

Have you ever put something away in such a safe place that you couldn't find it when you need it? C'mon, you know you have.

That's what Momcat did with all the 2-1/2" strips she needs for the Bonnie Hunter workshop tomorrow. She spent last night and this morning turning the place upside down, looking in the car, opening every shopping and tote bag, all to no avail. She had yards of pink and brown strips cut. I think they're in the same place all the odd socks go to escape.

She wanted to do a pink and brown Starstruck. Now she's just grabbing purchased jelly rolls that are lying around and will make a super scrappy quilt. At least those pink and brown strips are here somewhere and can become a quilt in the future.

Now, here's the thing about Momcat. She's leaving in about 5 hours.

After she got distressed and got into a frenzy, did she start cutting and ironing those jelly rolls? No.

Has she cut anything into the required 2-1/2" squares? No.

Is her suitcase packed? No.

Has she eaten anything yet today? No.

But has she checked on her zoo and Farm Town applications on Facebook? You betcha!


Thank you to those of you who were amazed that someone found this blog offensive. And thank you also to the couple of people who suggested it was probably a mistake. I found out that the Flag button at the top of the screen does not prompt a dialog box to indicate "Do you really want to flag this blog? Do you know what that means, Bozo?" That is whack and Blogger really needs to make it harder to flag a blog rather than immediately blocking access while they do their review.


Maggie is almost six months old now. Next week she goes to the doctor so she can't have puppies (praise the Lord)!

She's getting too big for her bed, but Momcat wants to wait to get a bigger one for awhile yet. There are other expenses on the horizon, and Maggie does still love to curl up in this one.

Fix your ear, Maggie!!

Even I can tolerate her when she's like this.

Hoping to climb in Momcat's suitcase soon,

P.S. About 10 minutes after posting this she found the strips. She screamed with joy when she realized that she had put them in with the crumbs she needs for the second of Bonnie's workshops. At least she was thinking logically. There is now peace in the valley.


QuiltingB29 said...

I was worried for ya! Glad they're safe and sound :-D. See ya tonight!

Jennifer said...

Oh, Pi, you gave me quite a chuckle. Glad to hear momcat finally found the strips! Could you please let her know that I have done the same things many times (and in fact, right now have a package of needles hiding somewhere in my sewing room!).

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi Pi,
Tell Momcat I have put something away so good I have never found it so far and it has been years.
Hugs Fern

Quiltluver said...

Pi, tell Momcat that is entirely normal. The quilter often does that only she calls it organizing, and then she can't find anything for days. WooHoo! Are you going to have a party when Momcat is gone? Give me a call sometime, baby! Red.

sewmeow said...

Yes...totally agree with you about putting something somewhere you'll remember where you put it......then can't find it.

How was the workshop?? Tell us all about it and show us the pics.