Monday, August 31, 2009

Garbage Disposal Woes

Shortly before Momcat and ManServant left for Los Angeles, the garbage disposal stopped working. Not only wasn't it grinding, nothing at all happened when the switch was flipped. Momcat knew it wasn't the circuit breaker because her coffee maker is plugged into the same outlet. (You do not want Momcat to have problems with her caffeine me on this.)

Momcat took time to investigate a couple of days ago. She put her hand down into the drain and pulled up some of the stuff that wasn't getting chunked up. Then she poured boiling water and vinegar down the drain too. Water was slowly going down.

Then it occurred to her that the problem wasn't a clog, the problem was electrical. So she took everything out of the cupboard under the sink and this is what she saw.

This is what living in a house that's over 50 years old means. The original wiring, thanks to vibrations and general wear and tear, just gives. No, we didn't have any little critters gnawing on this. No droppings anywhere. Plus I don't think there are any kamikaze rodents nearby willing to brave the gauntlet of five cats and a dog.

The neighborhood electrician has been called and comes by tomorrow afternoon. This is a good excuse to clean out that cupboard!

Give Away Drawing Tonight

If you haven't already done so, don't forget to enter my birthday/anniversary giveaway. Leave a comment on the post showing off the Bearcats bag and you're in! The names will go into the container and my paw will draw the winner after midnight tonight.

Remember that if you mention the giveaway on your blog you get another chance, if you provide a link to my blog you get a third.

There will be another goody to win posted later this week.


animal lover, quilt lover said...

Our house is old too!! Lots to do all the time, to fix this and that.
Good job!!
Love Fern

Linda said...

Yikes! I'm glad you found that frayed wire!! Our older homes are always full of unexpected surprises! Your Bearcat bag is wild!!!!!

Melissa said...


Thank you so much for visiting me.

Your blog is darling and I must be back soon to visit.

It's nice to meet you.


Jennifer said...

Bummer...must be going around, we lost our disposal a few weeks ago too. They were on sale at Menard's last week if you wind up needing a new one...we got a GE and it is SO quiet...amazing that they even make advances in disposals over 15 years!

CatQuilter said...

First the lawn mower, now this... The joys of homeownership, eh?

piecesofpatti said...

Yikes............... it is always something when you own a home. Good luck! Great giveaway bag!