Thursday, March 18, 2010

Killer DAWG

Maggie has earned my grudging respect.

Two days ago Momcat noticed Maggie in the backyard with something in her mouth that didn't look quite familiar.  It wasn't her tennis ball or a Konga toy.  It wasn't a branch from the honeysuckle bush which she's intent upon destroying.  It looked like a clump of mud from a distance.

When Maggie realized Momcat was watching, she came running to the patio door and dropped a dead rodent for Momcat to see.

"EWWWW!" cried Momcat.  "Philip, if you go to the patio to clean up a dead shrew, I'll get Maggie in through the basement door."

When Momcat called Maggie in through the basement door, Maggie had the shrew in her mouth again, which she happily dropped at Momcat's feet.  Once Momcat got over saying "Yuck!" about a million times she praised Maggie in a huge way. It was sickening. Not the dead animal. The way Momcat fussed over the stupid DAWG.

I was hoping that she'd give my siblings and me the corpse to play with, even though it's a lot more fun to play with something still living.  But no, the manchild threw it away.

So I got nothing. Maggie got praised, a treat and a thorough teeth-brushing.  The shrew got dead.

Deprived of shrew stew,


SewCalGal said...

LOL. Shrew stew! Too funny. I've never see a shrew before. And certainly, now I hope I never see one ever....unless PiWacket and Maggie are there to watch out for me!


Reenie said...

hahaha..that was great! My dog, Luke, is like that with woodchucks. He is on constant woodchuck sentry duty and is sooo proud when he gets one!

Cindy said...

Way to Go Maggie what a great hunter you've become. So far all my Maggie does is chase leaves that happen to blow past her and she's had a few run ins with nightcrawlers. Of course she's only 5 months old so there's hope for her yet.

Pat said... least you got her to drop it before she brought it in the house!

Hand Quilting Nana said...

Excuse me for not emailing you direct. I can't find your email and when I click on the email on your blog it says I have no email connected. Somehow I will have to figure this out.

Anywho, I want to thank you so much for the nice crocheted pot holders. That brought back a bit of nostalgia for me. My grandmother used to make these. So I really enjoyed getting them. And I love your notepaper. Can never get enough quilty stuff!!

I will post a picture on my blog when I can. Not very good at this technical stuff I am afraid.

Thanks again,