Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Doggy Big Shirt Update

Mwaaaahahahaha!!! I am rejoicing that Momcat has hit a snag in making her Doggy Big Shirt.  She's at the point of making the sleeves and doesn't understand the directions. I heard some bad words and then something about going to the shop to get some expert advice from Cheryl, who teaches the class.

Here's what she has so far:

The front.

The back.

The sleeves and buttons.

I'd help her out of her dilemma if she were making a feline version. That'll teach her to play favorites with the DAWG!!



Vesuviusmama said...

That's right - serves her right, doesn't it! (But you have to admit, that fabric with the black, yellow and chocolate lab puppies on it is adorable...)

Moneik said...

It's looking really neat Linda! Sleeves are a bit tricky, especially if you have to gather. Good Luck finishing it.

Winona said...

Great fabric, even if it is dogs. LOL Winona

SewCalGal said...

Well, PiWacket, I might just agree with you. If she had started making a shirt for you it would have been easier. Everyone knows cats don't have shoulders. And putting sleeves into a shirt that has shoulders is a bit of a challenge. But once MomCat sees how it is done, I hope she'll also make a cat shirt (with shoulders).

Cute post. And I love your shirt project.


Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

Very cute I haven't sewn in a sleeve for 30 years. Don't know if I remember how LOL