Monday, April 12, 2010

Momcat's Home...With a Dead Camera

I was really looking forward to seeing all the pictures that Momcat bragged about. Her sewing station right next to the patio door leading to the beach, projects completed, pictures from her mom and dad's home, photos from the quilt show. But I've just heard her mutter some bad words at the computer. All the pictures were lost during the upload process. They're not on the computer or on the camera. She is attempting to recreate some scenes in diorama using thimbles, seam rippers, and bits of cat litter. It isn't pretty.


Right before Momcat left we received news from Pat Sloan that we won three spools of Aurifil thread from a random drawing on Pat's Facebook fan page. So cool!

(Amazing what loading new batteries in the digital camera can do.)  Butch is inspecting Pat's pattern, the spools of thread and the cute lime green rickrack.

How fun to come home to a waiting package!

Time for another cuddle or two,


SewCalGal said...

Sorry about your camera, but happy to hear you won some Aurifil. I've heard it is delightful thread.


Carol said...

Well that's unfortunate about the photographs.
Good luck using the Aurifil.

Catsngrams said...

Sorry about the camera would have loved to see the pics. Congrats on the nice win. Oh someday I will post about one I am sure.

pat sloan said...

Enjoy the thread!!!