Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eating Crumbs

We've been spending a few minutes each day working on crumb blocks a la Bonnie Hunter.

Since Bonnie explains it best, here's a link to her tutorial.

There's a drawer in the sewing room dedicated to scrap pieces that are either little, partially pieced or haven't been cut down yet. Orphan blocks also wind up there. Ever since Momcat attended a Bonnie Hunter workshop, she doesn't throw out much of anything. She saves anything that is 1" or larger.

Yesterday she pulled out the drawer of scraps and just started sewing pieces together at random, with no thought to color or pattern. I sat atop the ironing board in my usual spot to supervise. She worked on three blocks at once, using areas that were trimmed to add to the next block and so on.

Our blocks are trimmed down to a 4.5" size. The trimmed bits will be used in other crumb blocks.

Here are the five blocks completed over the course of about an hour of sewing time.  Now imagine another 25 similar blocks all joined with a fun tone-on-tone sashing such as orange, coral or lime green.

If you look closely at these little blocks you'll see batiks, orientals, Halloween novelties, flannels, Christmas, florals and 1930s reproductions. Anything goes! Feel free to add some ribbon, or bits of clothing or wide rick rack (just make sure your materials are washable and dryable...these are quilts that are meant to be used).

Sundance and Trouble cozied up on the sewing room daybed while Momcat and I worked. Typical!

Have you created for 15 minutes today?



Twisted Quilts said...

I love doing crumb blocks. It may sound crazy but it is relaxing to me. I am it sure what to do with them once I get a bunch. I thought about trying quilt as you go with some of them to make a big quilt.

piecesofpatti said...

I like your crumbs! Look so happy! I love to do strip blocks with my scraps! It feels good to do fun things!!!!

Kara said...

Wow!! That is awesome! I really need to try that with my scraps. It is so unique!